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    Soap is a sea turtle with the special ability to walk on dry land- and quickly, too. He was chosen to be a messenger for seahorse king by none other than the king himself. Since the sea is so big, it had to be divided. There are many kinds and messengers out there in the open, but Soap was the first of his kingdom to be able to go underwater, over water, and on dry land. One thing Soap didn't have was the ability to fly. But that didn't matter much t him since all the people he sent messages to were normally nearby or able to be accessed by shore.

    But one day, the entire kingdom was taken by surprise when a tropical storm whirled through the area, tearing up their kingdom and beach. There were many casualties, but no deaths. But devastatingly, Soap was separated from his master and kingdom. He was washed upon shore where he later met an Antorg and a small clump of fur claiming his name was Weakly. The Antorg guided Soap through the forest and safely out the other end to get to the closest body of water. But that Antorg was intercepted by a monster of some sort, and Soap was alone. He totally forgot about Weakly, who was lying on top of Soap's shell with a map tucked under all of his fur.

    Their Journey Continues On

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    ScarlettRoo says...
    I love your name o3o