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    Name Sekhmet
    Gender Female
    Born 24 August 2010
    Age 9 years 348 days
    Health max 30
    Strength 21
    Defence 19
    Speed 23
    Intelligence 20
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  • Her breath formed the desert.
    Name: Sekhmet

    Alias: She who mauls, Mistress of Dread, Lady of Slaughter

    Species: Human with cheetah ears and tail

    Race: Egyptian

    Height: 5ft 10"

    Build: Tall, broad shoulders, large chested, muscular but not big

    Eyes: Fierce azure blue

    Mood: Majestic and lethal

    Age: 967

    Sex: Female

    S.O: N/A

    Status: Warrior goddess, Goddess of healing

    Personality: Bold, Adventurous, Loyal

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    Her breath formed the desert.
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