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    Name: Romero Amari

    Name Meaning:Guardian





    Appearance:Standing rather tall at about 6'3, Romero is well built with middle eastern features. He sports a dark shadow of a scruff, cleanly shaped along his defined jaw. He has stormy blue colored eyes. He has short, cut black hair that's shaped to frame his face, sharply cut at the sides. His voice is rather deep, hinting at a Syrian accent.

    Personality:Friendly, kind, affectionate, tends to reject change, mature, reliable, social, can be reluctant or easily paranoid.

    Occupation:Entrepreneur, family business owner.


    Abilities:Due to practicing his witchcraft for years, Romero has a number of abilities and recognition for remembering spells and making them powerful. He is also a skilled boxer.
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    Goth says...
    yes but i like to hear it 8)
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