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  • Pet Information
    Name Nik
    Gender Male
    Born 30 November 2012
    Age 7 years 248 days
    Health max 9
    Strength 5
    Defence 6
    Speed 10
    Intelligence 45
  • Verification
    O-oh! Hello!

    Pleased to meet you! I'm Nikolas Christopher Cassius. I am the second youngest Cassius sibling at fourteen. What can I do for you?

    Nik is a high school student currently attending the public high school where his eldest brother teaches and his all his siblings, except Sebastian, have graduated from. He is an honor student, a student council member, and a community volunteer in his free time, spending most of it at the church where his boyfriend, Ceres, works.

    He is a generous and kind hearted individual, courteous and well-mannered to the last. He is also a bit shy, and easily embarrassed, but willing to push through it to stand up for what is right if need be.
  • Nik has a tanned complexion, gray eyes, and black hair, like the rest of his brothers. He wears his hair semi-long, keeping it held back in a short tail, with bangs, the right side cut longer than the left, trailing down to his chin. The right side also has a bleached strip, lightened to a rich honey blond. He has kind eyes and always a warm smile - never the mocking kind - for everyone that crosses his path.

    He has a cross tattooed on the inside of his left wrist, and a bracelet of dots and stylized arrows around the right one, all the arrows pointing to the left. He also has his left ear pierced with a stud, and wears small rectangular reading glasses when he reads, writes, or draws, as he has a hard time seeing up close and personal.