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    .:: Antisocial| Scared| Alone::.

    Pet ID #299665

    -glances upwards then quickly dodges his head down- Uhm.. H-hello. I-I'm Mesa.. Sporks transfered me.. from a different.. uhh.. world.. to here.. I doubt anyone would accept me here either..

  • Stats
    Name Mesasaki
    Gender Male
    Born 2 November 2008
    Age 13 years 80 days
    Health max 5
    Strength 13
    Defence 17
    Speed 15
    Intelligence 50
  • Spork-face
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    Worst says...
    "Tell me this. If you were dead would you have fallen in love? Would you be here protecting me if you were dead?"she stopped to almost a slow trot as she blinked at him. Yakumi hated when he said he was dead because if he was dead he wouldnt be with her. She looked ahead seeing the den appear.
    Worst says...
    Yakumi gave him a concerned look"What's wrong?"she asked him as there seemed to be a change of mood with him. She trotted beside him as she liked his cheek. She hoped he didn't get hurt because of her as she waited for a answer.
    Worst says...
    She leaned into him more"I know but you know what they say. When one puts their life in danger for the one they love. The lover hopes they will return."she replied as she smiled. She did care for him a lot. Yakumi didn't want anything to happen to him and when he did leave her she would be lost and risk her life to get him free.