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  • Pet Information
    Name Memeoria
    Gender Female
    Born 13 March 2012
    Age 10 years 67 days
    Health max 2
    Strength 12
    Defence 6
    Speed 15
    Intelligence 7
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  • Custom Module
    best fudging gosh darn bird
    i guess. idk.
    overlay is a old one by me. was originally made for lace. there are some errors and flaws - like part of the shading on the tail dissapeared, and the markings don't look natural (aka they're positioned weird. I didn't wrap them correctly.) Willing to fix this and make the overlay look much, much better, if one desires.
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    Shapeshifter says...
    (Kinda curious if you know why I picked those letters for real tbh)
    Spell says...
    cute gdb !!! like that bit !!
    Spell says...
    you have a neat username what does bfgdb stand for ? ( if i may ask )