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    Name: Melik

    Name Meaning: King

    Species: Fallen Angel

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Birth Place: Italy

    Occupation: Mechanic

    Appearance: With a heavy build, Melik is around 6'2. He is always cited for his muscular body and number of tattoos. They cover nearly every part of his body, with some visible room to spare along his calves. He has short black hair that's shaped up along the sides and back, keeping it just a bit longer in the front.

    Personality: Sarcastic, flirty, a bit of a player, introverted, hard headed, reluctant to help others, intelligent - although his short temper gets the best him for others to believe other wise, friendlier to those he's closer with.

    S/O: Sweetheart <3

    Abilities: Gathering fire with his hands, incredible strength, taking control of weaker demons than him.
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    Goth says...
    ya ain’t i hilarious
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    Golden Skull

    Wrathful Blossom
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