Lydia_'s Profile

  • Lydia~
    Name Lydia_
    Gender Female
    Born 10 January 2009
    Age 13 years 213 days
    Health max 33
    Strength 34
    Defence 34
    Speed 32
    Intelligence 0
    Strawberry Puddings: 2
  • Lydia's Status~
    Lydia_ blinks
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    Logo says...
    He sat back down and heard a screeching noise.
    Logo says...
    "So um what book are you reading?"He said tried to keep a steady conversation.He looked down at her paw.He admired her fur as she wasn't looking.He held onto his tail playing with it as they walked.
    Xuchilbara says...
    He let off a slight snort. "Same...?"
    Xuchilbara says...
    He nods. "...Spiderweb is what I... am called." His tail wraps around him and he lays down
    Xuchilbara says...
    "Hm?" he looks down at you, his tail flicking. "Whom are you?" he raises an eyebrow as he speaks with his deep voice