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  • Pet Information
    Name IgneusAger
    Gender Female
    Born 25 January 2009
    Age 9 years 180 days
    Health max 8
    Strength 3
    Defence 2
    Speed 16
    Intelligence 0
  • Ajer
    Igneus: Latin for "burning".
    Ager: Latin for "fields".

    Named after the song "Storming the Burning Fields", in honour of Dragonforce.

    Alliance: Velsignelse
    Rank: None
    Power: "Cloning" Ability; Speed

    Bio: A biochemistry graduate with top marks, she never really managed to get anywhere with her degree. While thinking of going back to university, she was approached by Sayabhama to join the Velsignet. She agreed, though only as a caretaker- she had no stomach for fighting. Now in the large, and increasing, dysfunctional family she's in, she has her work cut out for her as cook, laundress, and maid- though the ablity to make copies of herself certainly helps.
    Personality: Alternates between light gaeity and dark somberness, depending on what's happening in he household. Usually she's quite pleasant to work with and most people like her. Those who irk her get hit with the flaming spatula, however.

    Likes: Bargain stores, lolita, interesting clothes, cooking.
    Dislikes: Expensive things, too much salt, boring clothes.

    Love: None.

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  • Equipped Items

    Flaming Spatula

    Crimson Voluptuous Apron

    Summer Hat

    Wedding Ring

    Lovely Hearts Shoes

    Magical Feather Duster

    Lovely Hearts Dress

    Love Dove Bracelet

    Flaming Frying Pan

    Lovely Hearts Cap
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  • Pet Status
    IgneusAger feels pretty, oh so pretty~