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    Pet #616644
    Horrible by name only. I'm actually pretty nice~, until my acid burns a hole through your face.
    Personality is a WIP. Who knows what he'll actually be like, other than a jerk.
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    This is what I'd look like if Sporks could afford overlays...
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    Thunderbolt says...
    Yeess! :B ALL OF IT!
    Thunderbolt says...
    We should get together to rob all of the tills...
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  • Stats
    Name Horrible
    Gender Male
    Born 23 May 2009
    Age 12 years 243 days
    Health max 8
    Strength 12
    Defence 13
    Speed 10
    Intelligence 50
  • Coliseum Stats

    Won 123
    Lost 2
    Experience 6,000
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