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  • Pet Information
    Name Helba
    Gender Female
    Born 12 February 2011
    Age 8 years 127 days
    Health max 215
    Strength 221
    Defence 196
    Speed 223
    Intelligence 365
  • Skills


    Level 2

    Haunted House Explorer

    Level 3

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=
  • Custom Module
    oh yeah? you can come in.
    eh please leave the lights off. they hurt my eyes.

    I'll be there in a minute just almost finished
    I had it set up but he'd have to connect to the server, download the files, and all that and it's really too complicated so...((zoning in and out))...Have you heard of MYSQL lite? Yeah! It's almost like a server but it's......actually it is like a server, it's just most servers are set up to be unnecessarily powerful but very slow and......so he'll be able to input the data into a spreadsheet and save it as a......and I'll be able to coach him on the formatting, that shouldn't be too hard for him but......I don't really care how much time I spend on this because it's showing me better ways to make my game. For example, a game similar to Animal Crossing would be very easy--okay, not very easy but easier to program with a database......I actually am starting to like databases...((completely zoned out at this point))



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