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    Name: Shane K. Lane
    Alias: Shane, Kay, Shanaynay
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    DOB: August 27th
    SO: Presumed to be straight, doesn't ever talk about it.

    General Appearance: A little short, maybe 5'3, and a bit muscular in his limbs but with a soft gut. Tends to slouch just a little.
    Hair: Barely lighter than black, shines auburn in the light. The ends don't quite touch his shoulders at the longest, and it all curls vaguely up and in toward his face. Messy bangs, about eye-length, but arranged in such a way to let him see through them.
    Eyes: Slate gray-blue, sleepy-looking.
    Skin: A little on the pale side, his forearms, hands and feet tend to be half a shade darker than the rest of him.
    Clothing: Form-fitting, absolutely destroyed jeans, usually in acid wash blue or gray, sometimes black. He likes wearing loose tunics that look like they were straight out of Africa, or V-necked long sleeve shirts in slightly muted colors. Also has an impressive collection of band tee shirts from the 90's.
    Mods: A 12g septum piercing, one black metal ring in his right eyebrow, a silver curved barbell anti-eyebrow on both eyes, and a silver labret piercing. Has thought about getting tattoos, but hasn't settled on any designs.
    Other: His left eyebrow is missing a chunk of hair about a quarter of an inch long just left of the center.

    Personality: Mostly outgoing, a little shy when it comes to things like singing. Mellow, calm, nearly always in a good mood. Likes to joke around. Contemplative, optimistic, tends to spare people the bitter truth.

    Lives with Ipswich and .

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