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    name: Forest Green Brandt
    alias: Forest, Fo
    gender: Male
    dob: January 14th
    so: He doesn't think about it, and doesn't really want to.

    general appearance: Petite. Barely 5'2" and toothpick-skinny, he's a wisp of a boy and doesn't stand out much in a room. Tends to slouch when he isn't paying attention, but stands rigidly and awkwardly straight around others.
    hair: Short and so blond that it's nearly white. A little tuft of bangs hangs down over his forehead, but the rest of it is mostly about an inch long on top, gradually getting shorter, like a "normal" boy haircut.
    eyes: Light, copper rust green. A little almond-shaped, but they're usually so wide and nervous-looking that it's hard to see. When he's relaxed, they close half-way and have a noticeable upward slant.
    skin: Extremely pale, not terribly healthy-looking. He doesn't get a lot of acne but he just doesn't have any glow to him.
    clothing: Old stuff. Baggy stuff. Mostly ratty, loose jeans, generally in black, gray, or washed-out blue with a very obviously second-hand sweater. He also has a habit of wearing a very worn-out wool pea coat in the winter that looks about a size and a half too large for him. For shoes he usually wears very old boat shoes or Converse hightops.
    mods: None. He's terrified of needles so he doesn't want to get any piercings or tattoos.
    other: Sometimes wears a pair of thick-rimmed, cheap-looking prescription glasses. When he doesn't wear them, he's not wearing contacts, he just goes without seeing for the day.

    personality: Forest is basically afraid of his own shadow. He's jumpy, anxious, uneasy, paranoid; but despite that, incredible needy. He has very low standards for making friends. People who are overly energetic or charismatic make him very nervous, but he really takes what he can get. As malleable as clay, he'll do whatever it takes to stick with a group of people he's used to, but he never gets comfortable with people. He jumps at the slightest touch, and constantly fusses with his clothes and hair. Over all, he's borderline neurotic and doesn't settle easily.