Conqueror's Profile

  • Loft says...
    Oh so quick to assume, sir knight. I am /innocent/ uwu *headtilts and shrugs*
  • Flamberge's older twin.
  • Orias Talcen.

    Born Orias Shatter-Shield in a land of ice, honor, and tradition, he was trained from an early age how to handle a sword and shield, and as a child grew accustomed to the harsh climate. The son of a guard and an alchemist, his father died in a bandit raid when Orias was young, leaving it up to him to take care of his mother. To do so, he became a bit of a thief, picking locks and pockets for extra coin to make sure they were both fed and kept their home.

    When he was older, he became an adventurer, moving from cutting purses to clearing out bandit hideouts for bounties. With a sharp mind, bright wit, and casually aloof nature, his skill with a blade was quickly noticed and he was offered an opportunity to squire in a neighboring kingdom.

    Leaving his home country was the best career move he had ever made. This new country of Lafina was worn more thinly than even they were by war. A combative people by nature, their king commanded something of an empire. And it made the nearby kingdoms nervous. There, Orias had a chance moment: intercepting an assassin as they made a bid to kill the king.

    This gave him advancement to Warlord of Lafina.