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    Chews is attached to The Shop of Shop Shop Shoppiness, and looks after the place carefully. He mans the cash register, cleans and tidies everything, and prices the items himself. As being assigned to the task of being the shop-keep was the first thing that happened to Chews after he was taken in by his master, he sees this to be the only thing in the world, and places manning the shop as a priority above almost all other things.
  • Information
    Name Chews
    Gender Male
    Born 27 February 2009
    Age 9 years 238 days
    Health max 5
    Strength 3
    Defence 3
    Speed 3
    Intelligence 0
  • Comments
    Svenska says...
    Yes, yes... I can see that. I'm, ahh... *gestures to the door* I'm going to go now. Bye *runs away*
    Svenska says...
    I... * he pulls himself to his feet* I think I'd like to reconsider taking you on board the Festival Committee.
    Svenska says...
    *shivers in the corner of the room, having oddly relevant flashbacks and staring at Chews* Are- Are- Areyouokay?
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