Caravaggio's Profile

  • Pet Information
    Name Caravaggio
    Gender Male
    Born 17 March 2015
    Age 7 years 108 days
    Health max 5
    Strength 3
    Defence 3
    Speed 17
    Intelligence 6
  • transformed and cloverfied at 12:33 pm EST on March 17, 2014. First official Clover Bastille. BFFs with Ante (he steals his bananas).
  • Profile Comments
    Trevor says...
    You barely bring me or get me anything! Why should /I/ listen to you!?
    Trevor says...
    I'll just steal it back!
    Trevor says...! //runs off//
    Trevor says...
    W-what! precious gold...its color reminds me of the perfect banana...//huffs//
    Trevor says...
    Yeah well..hasn't anymonkey ever told you that sharing (with me) is caring?
    Trevor says...
    Pretty dang lucky! Considering I just made off with all your bananas! //scampers away//
    Trevor says...
    Are ya' feeling lucky!?