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    Name Brooke_
    Gender Female
    Born 16 February 2011
    Age 11 years 175 days
    Health max 11
    Strength 17
    Defence 17
    Speed 16
    Intelligence 21
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    Brooke_ raaaaarrrrrrwwwww
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    Made Viral: 2-16-2011 :]
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    MemoryChips says...
    "So err what do you like to do?
    MemoryChips says...
    She took back her paw and smiled.
    MemoryChips says...
    "Im so cool today!"She smiled and laughed lightly.She held her paw out.
    MemoryChips says...
    Cool that's nice :3
    MemoryChips says...
    How are you?!
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