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    Bev is being nice for once
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    Name: Bev aka Beverly or Bevvie
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: On the tall side
    Figure: Pinup, very busty and thick.
    Likes: Fast cars, fast food, and loud music.
    Dislikes: Push overs, weak meek people, tech support
    Personality: Don't let the sexy flowery profile fool you. Bev is a tomboy with a fiery temper. She has her weak moments, but she hates that about herself. She prides herself on her strength. And is capable of handling herself. Sometimes her temper and her will to always dominate situations often pushes people away. Bev, of course, doesn't feel like she needs them anyways.

    Story: Bev's house had never been a home, she grew up, seeing things, doings things, that normal kids don't have to do. But Bev thanks her childhood, a childhood without play or laughter, she thanks it because it made her strong. It's always been just Bev, all down the line. And that's the way she likes it. No one to tell her what to do or where to go. She'd been that way ever since she ran away and found herself here, with the others whose fates landed them in this place.
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    Name Bev
    Gender Female
    Born 21 September 2012
    Age 8 years 71 days
    Health max 12
    Strength 13
    Defence 7
    Speed 17
    Intelligence 8