Bethany_'s Profile

  • Bethany's Info~
    Name Bethany_
    Gender Female
    Born 7 May 2009
    Age 13 years 95 days
    Health max 2
    Strength 4
    Defence 6
    Speed 2
    Intelligence 2
  • Bethany's Status~
    Bethany_ Is glad to have her Husband back
  • Bethany's Owner~
  • Bethany's Husband~
  • Talk to Bethany~
    Giggle says...
    He let out a soft smile.
    Giggle says...
    Justin stepped out into the cold crisp night, wrapping his arm around Bethany, starting to walk slowly.
    Giggle says...
    Justin considered a jacket for the looks, but decided against it. He opened to door so Bethany could step outside.
    Giggle says...
    "Never been there." He grabbed her jacket. "Here."
    <br/>((lol. I like it. xD))
    Giggle says...
    He poked hers "What is your tummy hungry for?" He laughed