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  • Cloned son of Black Canary and Aqua Man. Trained under Green Arrow, Batman and Giovanni Zatara despite the upheaval his appearance caused amongst the Justice League. Has no known super powers like his parents. Has learned to harness magic from Giovanni, creates gadgets like batman, and works with a bow and arrow like Green Arrow.

    Named Kurt Curlance, his last name being a mix of the last names of his parents. Intelligent, skillful, awkward and temperamental about his past.

    - Is forbidden to come to Atlantis, even though by blood he is next in line for the crown. Has a rocky relationship with his father and lives in fear of rejection, not just by him, but by others of the league.
    - Lives by himself in a small apartment not too far from Mount Justice. The apartment is two stories; the upper floor is his living space and a sanctuary is hidden underground beneath it. He conducts his detective work and training down here. He has access to the Justice League database - which he secretly hacked into thanks to his training from Batman.
    - His first name is the name of the scientist who created him, having taken the name tag from the scientist when he was deported from his test facility into a detention center and used as a test subject in the fight ring.
    - Captain Shazam gave him his last name as a joke - putting the last names of both his parents into one to make his own last name. The name ended up sticking once he was presented to the Justice League.
    - Ever since meeting, he and Shazam have been on duty partners when out doing League business. Despite being polar opposites and often getting into small arguments, he finds Shazam's comic relief is reassuring and relaxing to some extent. (though he would never openly admit to it)
    - Kurt was unaware of his magic capabilities until shortly after he turned 19, when he overheard Giovanni and Zatana practicing their magic and attempted to replicate their spells. His magic affinity comes from him being part Atlantian, although he has yet to manipulate water without calling upon magic spells.
    - Black Canary is a bit abrasive towards Kurt, although Green Arrow, Giovanni and Batman have all taken a liking to him in their own ways. Zatara also considers him family and like the brother she never had.
    - The training he has undertaken with Batman has helped hone his skills of hand to hand combat, and also unlocked his potential for high end detective work and engineering. He crafts and creates his own weapons, including special homing devices on his arrows that allows them to return to him electromagnetically through his arrow case.
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