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    Evaporate says...
    He laughed and nodded, "Yeah, but theres so many stereo types about us~" he said, he knew Amian was probably about to run away
    Evaporate says...
    He shrugged, "Werewolf, whatever you wanna call it, I call it wolf~" he said casually
  • About me!

    Name: Amian

    Nicknames: Ammie
    Age: 17

    Birthday: July 16

    Height: (human/anthro) 5"3

    Weight: (human/anthro) about 80

    Race: Unknown, but defiantly has Japanese in him.

    Looks: Short and petite, short, messy blue hair, creamy white skin, big green eyes, long eyelashes

    Sexual Orientation: he doesn't even know

    Crush: Uhn...Uhm...I'm ain't saying.
    Lover: Nope...

    Likes: cute things, candy, clothes, blue, friends
    Dislikes: Mean people, Abusrs, bugs, scary things, Viana

    Fears: Scary movies, bugs, big dogs, being alone

    Personality: Amian is very quiet and high-strung. Just saying "hi" will be enough to make him jump. He's very sweet and kind, "uke", if you put it that way. Amian is very insecure about himself, and sometimes has enough adrenaline to stand up to bullies
    Theme Song: Simple and Clean