Alina's Profile

  • The Commander
  • Skill Level

    Won 25,135
    Lost 39
    Experience 5,567,963
  • Combat Gear

    Sunburst Halberd

    Tin Pickaxe

    Coal Pickaxe

    Shantred Sword

    Gold Pickaxe

    Iron Pickaxe

    Copper Pickaxe

    Iron Pickaxe

    Copper Pickaxe
  • Pet Status
    Alina Alexandra Rosario, Battle Goddess
  • Pet Information
    Name Alina
    Gender Female
    Born 14 August 2012
    Age 9 years 111 days
    Health max 1395
    Strength 1,542
    Defence 1,703
    Speed 1,284
    Intelligence 2,123
  • Warlord as of 7.8.18
  • Alexandra Heartfield Rosario
    Nickname or Alias: Alina, The Dark Illusionist, Mother of Shadows
    Gender: female
    Species: human, immortal by contract
    Age: 23 (approx. 480)
    Birthday: August 14th
    City or Town of Birth: Mericose
    Currently Lives: Verid Island
    Languages Spoken: Azelier, Thevik
    Native Language: Azelier
    Relationship Status: Engaged
  • Physical
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 129 lbs
    Figure/build: light Traveler
    Blood Type: A Neg
    Hair colour: dyed purple/pink
    Hairstyle: heavy, thick curls
    Eye colour: pink(contacts), plae blue naturally
    Skin/fur/etc colour: light tan, light grey in undead shift
    Tattoos: tribal spiral on lower back (covers with concealer), Oroboros mark under right arm bangle
    Piercings: none
    Scars/distinguishing marks: none
    Preferred style of clothing: purple top hat with pink band and large pink feathers, showy clothing in purple, pink, silks, mock high class
    Frequently worn jewellery: two large gold wrist bangles on each wrist, single thick gold arm band on both upper arms,
  • Personality
    Personality: arrogant, loud, self-centered, demanding, spoiled, controlling,
    Likes: drinking, picking fights, being in the spotlight, spending other peoples money, pester trainees,
    Dislikes: credit card limits, being bored, stupidity, early mornings,
    Fears: being alone, losing friends,
    Favourite colour: purple and pink
    Motto/Quote: Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum - Latin for "If you want Peace, prepare for War."
    Hobbies: shopping, battle training, card tricks, visual illusions, harassing her subordinates,
    Taste in music: heavy metal, industrial, techno, beats, punk,
    Significant/special belongings: decorative officer blade, Magician's Tophat,
  • Combat
    Peaceful or aggressive attitude? aggressive, waits for a foe to turn their back
    Fighting skills/techniques: summoning contracts, illusion magicks,
    Special skills/magical powers/etc: summonings of Ravs and Abernoch, magical guards, immortality by contract
    Weapon of choice (if any): magick spheres, summoning marks, lightning staff,
    Weaknesses in combat: physical defenses, endurance, melee combat
    Strengths in combat: high evasion, tactical analysis, magical offensive
  • Personal Life
    Partner/Spouse: Maricio Rosario
    Children: none
    Best Friend: Vik
    Other Important Friends: Leslie, Vik, Mikhail, Tom, Tyrann, Belias,
    Acquaintances: Militia subordinates, Brenner, Delilah,
    Beasts: "Gibbie" female dove, "Melon" male tan rabbit, "Curse" enchanted teddy bear
    Rival? In what aspect? Elise(magicks), Vik(combat rank and battle skill),
    Enemies? Why are they enemies? Eliza(magicks styles), Mollie(Paperwork is evil)