Ahriman's Profile

  • Name: Ahriman -- also known as 'the destructive spirit'. He has gone by the name of Angra Mainyu since his creation also.
    Gender: He adopted a masculine body - he can shift to the opposite gender but rarely does so.
    Age: He is timeless & ageless.
    Orientation: He tends to drift between considering himself asexual & pansexual. To be honest it's rare that anyone, male or female or anything inbetween really catches his attention in that way.
    Appearance: He takes the appearance of a tall young man, most often somewhere around his twenties though this can vary depending on who he is trying to talk to. He must appeal to and tempt his victims, after all. The seemingly flawless pale skin is in fact marred by a vivid scar over his right hip bone, the cause of which he is tight-lipped over. His dark red hair falls down past his shoulders and most often looks almost indecently wind-swept.
    Characteristics: Oddly charming. Persuasive. Occasionally seductive. Challenging. Cynical. Somewhat sadistic. Surprisingly amoral?

    If a person had a angel on one shoulder, and a devil on the other, Ahriman would be the devil. His role, aim and ambition in life is to encourage and see as much wickedness done as possible. This has been his task since time began, and will continue until it ends. It is a job he takes huge enjoyment from and nothing gratifies him more than being responsible for a previously 'good' person doing something decidedly bad with his words of encouragement echoing in their ears. In order to do this he does not have to acquire physical form, but he has learnt that sometimes this proves to make the task more fun. He is certainly not above carrying out acts of evil with his own hands if he feels everything has become too quiet. His vanity prompts him to adopt an unusual, eye-catching look when waltzing about in human form. Despite this, he is often over-looked by those with a purer nature, and naturally appears more obvious to those with darker hearts and thoughts. His relations with those he influences varies. Some he forgets instantly, having little to do with, whilst others he might remain fixated on for some time. Occasionally he goes so far as to partake in some seduction and reap the rewards of this, though in this he has a limited interest and swiftly grows bored before abruptly looking for amusement elsewhere. He has a certain weakness for those who are naturally 'good', though despite his fascination and infatuation with such types he remains untouched by their purity.