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    Name Adasiek
    Gender Male
    Born 18 January 2009
    Age 9 years 186 days
    Health max 10
    Strength 1
    Defence 7
    Speed 11
    Intelligence 3
  • Adasiek

    Adasiek: Hebrew name meaning "man/earth"; a form of "Adam".

    Alliance: Velsignelse
    Rank: Intelligence
    Power: Unknown

    Bio: He was once a newspaper colomnist, making his living typing out the various ills hitting his community. He was living a hand-to-mouth existence when the Velsignet found him, and offered him a job as Intelligence, to gather information about their opponents, the Verflucht. He accepted readily, and the contacts he made while in news have come in rather handy.
    Personality: He's likeable enough, but has a wall around his heart, and most cannot get close to him. He is, however, willing to help those in need.

    Likes: Reading, writing, tennis.
    Dislikes: Chaos, editors, people who hug him randomly.

    Love: None

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