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Please read the rules before submitting a registration.


The Rules

1. This oekaki is for original or Verpets-related art only!
So please do not draw or upload any copyrighted fan art (e.g. Harry Potter, Naruto, Neopets, etc.)!
2. All images must be timed at over 15 minutes and only 3 images a day per member.
Sometimes members get carried away and flood the front page with doodles. Please give other people a chance for their art to be seen!

If you wish to save your work for another time, please save your image as a safety save***. You will have 10 days to retouch, or return to, your image. The 15 minute/3 images rule still applies to safety saves.
3. Adult or gory images are to be kept to a minimum. Please adult*** your image if it has mature content.
Your characters kissing with a nosebleed is fine, but naked with gushing head wounds and amputated limbs is not. Eek!
4. Be respectful and polite to all members and moderators.
Try typing in full sentences and commenting lots. Artists love comments! More on this below in the next section.
5. Swearing is not allowed.
Words like "hell" and "damn" are okay, as long as they aren't used towards someone in a hateful way. Keep that sailor's mouth at bay!
Repeat offenders or severe violations of the rules will result in a ban from the oekaki.


● When commenting on someone's image, please keep it related to the image/artist.

● If you have problems with someone, please settle it through the oekaki mail system or vercomms. Big arguments on the board will be deleted immediately.

● If someone is bothering you, please tell an oekaki admin*** about it and we will try to help right away.

● How to be the perfect member:
♥ Read all the rules and know them well.
♥ Comment a lot and make lots of friends!
♥ Don't excessively use chatspeak/l33t.
♥ Ask for help in your pictures, if you want! You can share*** an image and have others add things to it, such as redlines.


Archives are special pictures that are recognized in being especially beautiful or well drawn. Archive winners may receive special prizes on Verpets, so work hard on your pictures! You can find archived pictures in the dropdown menu on the top left of this page.

Here are some guidelines when aiming for an archive-level artwork:
1. Is the anatomy well drawn with minimal flaws for the subject?
2. Does the background compliment the subject?
3. Are the lines clean with few colors bleeding over?
4. Does the color and shading look nice and realistic?
5. Do you want to whisper sweet nothings to this piece of beauty?

If you agree to these rules, click here to register.