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Welcome to the Verpets Oekaki!
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Have fun drawing!
April 11: Hey, look at our spankin' pretty blog! Sunny the Floffe is here to draw too!

Starting next month, the oekaki staff will be picking Member Spotlights. Member Spotlight is a month-long appreciation of someone who draws regularly and contributes often to the Oekaki. The winner each month can even win something fabulous.

We will also have a new Weekly Theme that we encourage artists to take a stab at every week! The best pictures may even be awarded!

Member Spotlight will start in the month of May.

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Dress up your pet!

It's a fashion show! Dress your pet up in their best clothes. Get it down in a Verpets-related piece of art made on the Oekaki! Best pictures may get rewards!

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[7457] Artist: Elubell | Title: Brown Shyx | Time: 2h 33m
Pic #7457

ShiPainter Pro
Elubell @ Tuesday, May 29th 2012, 5:27 AM
MleSketch @ Friday, June 1st 2012, 2:53 PM
I really like this! Shyx's are just so darn cute!
I also like that shading ^^

[7455] Artist: Pandemonium | Title: Bah | Time: 1h 28m
Pic #7455

[View Animation]

Pandemonium @ Thursday, May 24th 2012, 8:23 PM
My Remudi Famine, showing all you folks were Fashion's really at >C

Quick sketch,ended up reminding myself exactly why i don't draw on the 'kaki, Darn tablet sensitivity.

[7451] Artist: Elubell | Title: Black Balkane | Time: 28m 39s
Pic #7451

[View Animation]
Elubell @ Thursday, May 17th 2012, 10:34 PM
first try XD i know its bad
Grace @ Friday, May 18th 2012, 11:18 AM
Not bad at all. I like his/her expression. :)
Tea @ Sunday, May 20th 2012, 12:58 AM
theres something about this i really like o3o i think its that expression and those eyes! c:

[7450] Artist: Exile | Title: No Title | Time: 55m
Pic #7450

ShiPainter Pro
Exile @ Thursday, May 17th 2012, 9:53 PM
just a test~
Grace @ Friday, May 18th 2012, 11:20 AM
Amazing line art; it looks so crisp.
And an interesting species. :D

[7449] Artist: Larkspur | Title: Sarcasm | Time: 3h 36m
Pic #7449
(Click to enlarge)

Chibi Paint
Larkspur @ Wednesday, May 16th 2012, 10:51 PM
Adult because of blood x3 My fursona Larkspur:3

Timer lies, I was taking breaks on dozing off a lot, its pretty late here XD
Grace @ Thursday, May 17th 2012, 11:26 AM
Cool picture, the background is especially nice. You draw wolves really well. :D

[7448] Artist: Grace | Title: Zoomorph Aeri | Time: 1h 14m
Pic #7448

Chibi Paint
Grace @ Wednesday, May 16th 2012, 3:36 PM

[7447] Artist: Grace | Title: Woman | Time: 32m 47s
Pic #7447

Grace @ Thursday, May 10th 2012, 5:14 PM
Yuiko @ Tuesday, May 15th 2012, 9:44 PM
My favorite way of shading! Black. (x
I like how you did the background. o:
Tea @ Sunday, May 20th 2012, 12:57 AM
interesting concept you have here :DD very interesting indeed, i like it :]

[7446] Artist: Grace | Title: Person | Time: 42m 27s
Pic #7446

Chibi Paint
Grace @ Thursday, May 10th 2012, 3:21 PM

[7443] Artist: Yuiko | Title: Fashion! | Time: 3h 11m
Pic #7443
(Click to enlarge)

Yuiko @ Monday, May 7th 2012, 7:20 PM
I don't really have any fashionable characters (maybe Kishi or Ike count?), so I gave Reyva(teil) a new outfit. xD

I picked a big canvas 'cause I was like, "there's so way I will run into the sides!"
... Pfft.
Grace @ Thursday, May 10th 2012, 2:36 PM
Great art. :)
bird @ Saturday, May 12th 2012, 8:22 AM
oh ar tonelico how i miss you
Yuiko @ Tuesday, May 15th 2012, 9:42 PM
Thanks, Grace~. :'D

Bird, I miss Ar tonelico 1 and 2. 3 made me play it too much to feel any sort of longing for it. xD

[7440] Artist: rury10 | Title: GRRR | Time: 17m 26s
Pic #7440

ShiPainter Pro

rury10 @ Friday, May 4th 2012, 2:35 PM
Uhm... so... I think I was supposed to study ;>_> ;<_<
bird @ Friday, May 4th 2012, 5:11 PM
HEH HEH stoppit you're supposed to put turtles in soup before you nom them
Yuiko @ Monday, May 7th 2012, 7:39 PM
Eew, studying. ):

I know I'm not supposed to hate on turtles, but I love this. xD

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