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What's that nipping at your nose?
 January 5th, 2014
We wish Verpets a happy birthday, but we hate to inform you that we are here to crash your party in the mean time.

Even though the season to be jolly has passed, the cold chill of winter is still lingering in the air!

Why not chill out and make your attempts to face me and my friends?

I won't promise that you will make it out without getting some frost bite or being frozen with fear.
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xuanchau says...
Agreed. Second- Ze Nutcracker will give me nightmares forever.
zephyrix says...
Very true. Alina's happy to have 3 more badges but I don't think these guys are going to vanish for a bit as not many pets are going to be able to KO them.
Heru says...
This is one of those times when I am happy to have trained all my pets~ man these guys are strong. People who just started training wont stand a chance.
Hannibal says...
The challengers are nice but it's too bad none of my pets can actually fight against them! cx