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Updates and new items!
 June 28th, 2014
The Verpets staff would like to give a huge thank you to everyone for being patient while the site features are being worked on to make sure everything is up and running correctly! The Art Marketplace, Pet Trades, and Verfans are now up and running, allowing users to now access them once again. The Bank and Flash Games are currently being worked on, so hang on tight! If you happen to find any other glitches across the site, please report them in the Bugs and Errors Forum.

While you're waiting, you can run down to the main shops to find these new Summer items stocking!

Coral StaffLearning to SwimTabid Snorkel Gear

However, that's not all that's received a Summer touch! The Frequent Buyer Shop now offers users the chance to purchase some old favorites with their Frequent Buyer Point's, and also has its old stock for those that still need to pick them up!

Before you jump into all the Summer fun, be sure to run and check out the new Trivia with an exclusive 50k users item! Don't forget, the 50k items will be unavailable before long, so grab them while you can!

Glittery 50k Hat
 4 comments displayed below
Ambrose says...
I need that hat in real life, so lovely. ;_;
singingbadger says...
Yes, thanks! appreciated!
Exile says...
It should be fixed now c:
singingbadger says...
it's not accepting the answer in text form! (cries)