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Trivia Extravaganza, Summer FBS Stock, and more!
 July 1st, 2019

The Verpets Trivia Extravaganza is here! Every day of the Month of July will feature a brand new trivia, each with their own rewards - from rare items, to even retired items that have not been released in a while. These Trivia's will be posted around Midnight Verpets Time every day, so be sure to complete the previous day's trivia before that time, otherwise you might miss out! No items will be repeated for these Trivia's, so every day will be a new surprise!

The first Trivia has been posted, head on over to take a chance at receiving today's rewards!

Summer Drink

Summer is the perfect time to take a trip down to the beach and enjoy some fresh air, sunshine, and to explore the sandy landscape! Of course, you may also stumble across some freshly dug holes that someone seems to have left behind...Perhaps if you grab a shovel and try to continue digging, you may find yourself a reward?

Sandy Shell Summer Hat Collecting with Orchard

We are also happy to announce an upgrade to user inventories! Normal Users can now pin up to five items within their inventory, and Elite Users can now pin up to 10 items! We hope this upgrade will help out all of the users that may want to have more items permanently in their inventory for easier access.

The Frequent Buyer Shop has also received it's Summer Stock! All other seasonal items have been retired until their respective season comes around again.

Sunny Plushie Happy Sunny Macaroon Book of the Sun Painted Kite

What could make this better? Why, more rewards of course! The first 100 users to head over to the Prize Chest and put in the code trivia-july will get some special rewards. Be sure to head over to claim you rewards now before they are all gone!

There is much more on the way for the month of July, so be sure to keep an eye out!
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Velniava says...
Oooh, long forgotten chest ^^