Viral Izret

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Popper Icons and Confetti! Oh my!
 January 5th, 2014
Better check out the Trash Can! I hear someone has been throwing a lot of Yellow 6th Party Poppers there, you won't find them anywhere else.

Yellow 6th Party Popper

There is a new Trivia! This trivia is the only way to win the Red 6th Party Popper and it's icon... Good luck!

Red 6th Party Popper

There are some new Mystery Auctions! These auctions are currently also the only way to win a Blue 6th Party Popper, you might even be lucky to win The Great Confettini! If you're unlucky though, there's no telling what you'll win...

Blue 6th Party PopperThe Great Confettini

We can't call this a party without some Raffles! If you win, you'll win the whole pinata all to yourself full of candy!

Number 6 Pinata
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Eren says...
Waaa i miss him. I wonder what he'd do if he saw the site now ouo