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Main shop sale, raffles, and more!
 June 28th, 2019

From now until Sunday, June 30th the Main Shops are featuring a 40% off sale as well as TRIPLE frequent buyer points! This sale extends to the Frequent Buyer Shop, making it the perfect chance to purchase any items you need before they retire until their respective seasons, and all current stock is replaced with Summer stock!

A bunch of Mystery Raffles and Mystery Auctions have appeared! These auctions and raffles range between two hours and two days! More of these will appear at random throughout the month of July, so be sure to keep an eye out!

We have also posted up a special auction that features a Skull of Death and a raffle that features a Viral Syringe! Both of these will last for two days, so be sure to bid or purchase your raffle tickets before then!

Livianas Watering Can Skull of Death Viral Syringe Strawberry Pudding

"Hello, my name is Sunny - it's a pleasure to meet you! I'm here to give you an update on important things that you may want to know or might have missed. Please be sure to read up below!"

► Verpets will be doing an all month long Trivia-extravaganza in the month of July! Every day will feature a brand new trivia, and some rewards will be rare or retired items!

► The Frequent Buyer Shop will receive it's Summer Stock beginning July 1st. All current holiday and seasonal items will be retired until the next holiday or season that they are featured in - so be sure to pick them up while you still can!

► The Sophisticated Aviatrin, Birthday Cake, and Royal Crown Rings have come out of retirement for a limited time! From now until July 26th these three items will be stocking.
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