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Happy Valentine's Day!
 February 13th, 2019

The Verpets Team want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you have a wonderful time with friends, family, and loved ones.

To celebrate, we have added TRIPLE Frequent Buyer Points and 40% off everything in the Main Shops until February 16th at Midnight Verpets Time! Be sure to take this time to stock up on cheaper items and to get lots of Frequent Buyer Points to purchase items from the Frequent Buyer Shop, which is also having a price cut and updated stock to celebrate!

Desamorabra Cupid's Harpoon Pirbite Chain of the Emburdened

You can also find these assorted Valentine's items stocking in the Main Shops! Both the items in the Frequent Buyer Shop and Main Shop will remain until March 3rd upon which they will retire until next year, so be sure to grab them while you can!

Bleeding Heart Seed Antilove Love Dove Necklace Lover's Brew

Every year the Squidintine appear around Valentines to help aid in the festivities. Though it's unknown of their exact origins, it's said that they have a bit of magic power and can help bring positive or negative changes in their environment. Though they are cute, you best be careful with them! You never know what could happen!

Squidintine Thieving Squidintine Still Beating Heart Death Heart

If Squidintine are not quite your thing, then Hector's Henchman have seemed to make an appearance, bearing gifts in the form of....Hearts? I'd be careful when you touch them, though. Perhaps you could offer them up to one of your pets as a nice...treat? Or you can simply offer it up to the one you love most. Nothing says love like a fresh heart, right?

"Oi, users of Verpets! It is I, the one you love the most of all.

What, it's not me? Well, I have something to say about that...but it can wait.

Those pesky Henchman are out stealing hearts! My precious hearts! Go rough them up a bit, would you?"

Cupid and Hector's Henchman appear to be at a stand-off, and Cupid needs your help taking them down! Simply head down to the Coliseum to stop them from stealing hearts of unsuspecting Verpet's! Every time you defeat them, they appear to have a small chance to drop various types of Candy, ranging from Valentine's Candy to even Halloween Candy!

Of course, if you would rather show cupid who is boss, you can unlock him by visiting your inventory, selecting the gift you would like to give, and select the box to send it as a Secret Valentines Gift. Every time you send a gift through this method to a special someone, you have a chance to unlock him in the Coliseum. Once he is unlocked, just head on over to show him some tough love!

If you would like to fit into the holiday spirit, feel free to head down to the User Icon Shop to pick up your very own Valentine's Icon! These icons will only remain available until March 3rd before retiring until next year.

The Lottery has also been increased to 3,000,000 Verpoints for Valentine's Day. Be sure to put in your tickets before the next drawing this upcoming Monday!

We would also like to apologize to everyone for the site outage. If you lost any flowers during the down time, please feel free to Vercomm Exile with the flowers that you lost, and you will receive compensation in the form of the corresponding fully grown flower and a replacement seed. We will also be compensating everyone with free Elite Days at some point soon (date to be determined) to make up for missed time, even if you were not Elite at the time of the site going down. Thank you all so much for your continued support.

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Yacchaouze says...
Awesome that means my final few Elite Days were not entirely lost :D I thought they were just going to be gone for good!