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Happy Birthday Verpets!
 January 5th, 2014
Happy 6th Birthday Verpets!
To start off the celebration of Verpets 6th Birthday, how about picking up a Free Sixth Birthday Bag!

Sixth Birthday Bag

Have you been looking up in the sky of Verpets? Random pieces of confetti have been recently seen falling from the sky! Maybe a piece will fall on you too!

Jaded ConfettiRageful ConfettiHappy Confetti

There are a few more icons in the User Icons Shop to celebrate Verpets' Birthday!


There are also a few icons that you can only get from certain items...


Remember to check out the Trash Can throughout the day. You never know when something might be thrown in there!

If you're lucky, you might even get a swing at the Pinata!

Number 6 Pinata
Yellow Birthday CandyRed Birthday CandyGreen Birthday Candy

In the meantime, let's get this party started!

How to Party BookSilver Sixth Birthday GlassesGreen Glow Wand
 5 comments displayed below
xuanchau says...
Happy birthday! :0 /stalks trash and shops
Ambrose says...
*stalks trash like an insane person*
Michael says...
happy birthday to Ver!!
Heru says...
Happy Birthday Ver! c:
Peatdog3 says...
Whoah, happy birthday Ver! ;o; And thank you, staff!