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Christmas Tree Winners!
 January 6th, 2014
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

You all voted, and here are your winners of this year's Christmas Trees! Congratulations to Rukie, The_Masquerade, and Sadomhyde for having the three top-rated Christmas trees for the 2013 Christmas tree competition! You will each receive a Feather of Divinity!

Fourth Place
Fifth Place

In fourth and fifth place is Velniava and Dark. For being within the top five, you will each receive a Krissity! Congratulations!

Last Place

An honorable mention goes to Fay for having the lowest rated tree of them all! You will receive a Mini Divine Feather!
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Sellalock says...
Oh hey, congrats Wolfeh!!! :D
The_Masquerade says...
Thank you very much c: And congrats to all!
BBChild says...
Congrats guys!! C:
Sadomhyde says...
Oh my, thank you!!!! And congrats!
hippyz99 says...