Black Memoria

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 October 28th, 2007
You can now use smilies everywhere on the site!

Have fun

By everywhere I mean just where you can use BBCode.
Revamp of Vulkit
 October 27th, 2007

Thanks to our very talented new artist, we have a revamped Vulkit!

Oh the artist is Kindle!
 October 25th, 2007
Remember to PLEASE post suggestions in the Suggestions forum, I would LOVE some ideas from you guys!

Thanks :)
 October 9th, 2007

You can now use BBCode everywhere!

Anywhere you can submit HTML (Profiles, Signature, Letters, Forums, ect.) you now have to use BBCode.

The link for all the tags:
BBCode Tags!

Have Fun :)

Floffe and Kaikou
 October 8th, 2007

Two new pets have been added!

Can be found in the Cave!

Can be found in the Field!


New Pet and Artist!
 October 8th, 2007
Thanks to our new artist Lawliet we have a new pet named the Antorg!

You can go to the mountain and find an Antorg today!
 October 7th, 2007
Just another test.
MySQL updating!
 September 8th, 2007
Since all our MySQL was lost due to my non organizing skills, we will have to spend a day or so trying to get everything back to normal :) We are actually almost done, but I wanted to tell you.
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