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Bank Teller!
 December 4th, 2007

Thanks to our wonderful artist, Phantompony we now have a bank teller!

She also drew all the profile icons, and did a very nice job :)
Zerilia's Expedition's
 December 3rd, 2007

Zerilia's Expedition's have been released!

We are still waiting for the icon and the image of Zerilia so any artist interested in doing that please contact me!
Unscramble The Word!
 December 3rd, 2007

Unscramble the word has just been released!
Have fun wasting your time that you will never get back on it!

We are on a roll! Wooo!
Rock, Paper, Scissors!
 December 3rd, 2007

Rock, Paper, Scissors has now been released!
Have fun playing it!
On the agenda!
 December 3rd, 2007

Today we will release 3 more games for everyone to play!

Also expect a training center by the end of the night :)

I need an artist to make icons for the guess the number game, unscramble the word game, and a trivia icon :)
Crack The Code!
 December 2nd, 2007

Visit the gameroom for the latest game!
If you win there is a big payout :)

Thanks to Dz for the safe image!
Bookmark Site!
 December 2nd, 2007


Please bookmark the login page, as there will be a flash counter on the main page, covering the whole thing!

Attention Artist!
 December 1st, 2007

Just so all artists know:

Any art that is submitted to Verpets is copyrighted to Verpets and cannot be used or sold to any other site.

Heads up xD
Fighting Coliseum!
 December 1st, 2007

Fighting Coliseum Released!

I have decided to release the fighting coliseum now :)

Have fun testing it out, and please post any bugs you find!

Expect something else new today also from the new programmer :)
Opening Date!
 November 30th, 2007

I have officially decided to open Verpets to the public January 1st!

We need to get a lot completed for the users, so put it in drive xD