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 February 2nd, 2008
Grenouille made another trivia! It's a tough one. Go check it out!
The Veretteer
 February 1st, 2008


To View The Veretteer Click Here!

FINALLY, after working sooo hard, the Veretteer is finished! A few new rules will be published for getting in to the Veretteer now that I have the experience of making it. Make sure you check them out before your next submission! If you've submitted something for the second issue, please read the new rules. Also, if you submitted something, you got this avatar!

This didn't apply to Ask Chevy questions. Sorry, but the comics, stories, guides and articles took a lot of work from the people who made them, and this makes them deserve an avatar.

If you submitted something and there's a problem with it, contact Kazzii via Letter and she'll get it straightened out. If you didn't get your avatar, do the same.

EDIT: The problem with not being able to see the new Rules post on the Veretteer board has been fixed.
 February 1st, 2008

Sorry there was a fighting challenge glitch, but it is fixed now, so you can win the challenge :)
Fighting Challenges!
 February 1st, 2008

I would like to announce the latest feature to hit Verpets!

It is called Fighting Challenges.
You have to start a challenge with a monster of your choice, and you have to beat them a certain amount of times based on your battles won. The harder the opponent, the more VerPoints you will get for beating the monster!

You can use this feature by clicking "Fighting Coliseum" then click "Start A Fighting Challenge".

Have fun with this!
New Trivia!
 February 1st, 2008

Grenouille made another new trivia!
And it's a ridiculously hard one for me. @[email protected]

Shellz Shop!
 February 1st, 2008

The Shellz Shop is now open for business!

Thanks to jakdacrowe for making the shopkeeper and Valarauca for making the shells!
100 Users.
 February 1st, 2008

Just so everyone knows, the offer for a free item to everyone after we hit 100 users online is still there!

So keep trying to refer and see if we can hit 100 online!
 January 31st, 2008

Today is actually the official one month mark for Verpets!

Woo!, -throws a celebration-

I was hoping for 2,000 users, and you guys made it happen! I promise to be getting a new feature to you soon, just hold tight xP

Here is to all the next, exciting months!
Vulkit Plushies!
 January 31st, 2008

Our new artist, Trik has made some plushies for you guys!

Thank you!
 January 31st, 2008

This forums now go in alphabetical order, that should make it easier to find things if you add new boards!

Sorry if this is an inconvenience to anyone, but I sure we all will get use to it, including me xD