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 July 1st, 2008
New Items! We've released plenty of new items in celebration of Canada and Independence Days (USA). The Canadian Flag can only be obtained through the trivia (see below) and the American Flag will be offered in an American-themed trivia on the 4th of July... so don't forget to check them out! All other items are available in various shops:

New (Hidden) Avatars Can you find these hidden avatars?
New Trivia Question: In which year was Canada officially established as its own country? Prize: Canadian Flag and 2500 verpoints! Proceed to the Trivia Homepage. The Veretteer - July
The July edition of the Veretteer has been released. Check it out: http://www.verpets.com/theveretteer/2008/july.php New Pet Species - Rascallet

"A prized pet through out the centuries for its soft fur, the Rascallet was once only owned by the most prestigious of families. It was so revered that it's rumoured the Rascallet was the inspiration for the appearance of the famous eastern dragons. Though they don't breathe fire, their flowing tails and six limbs do make them impressive any way."
Verpets Logo Contest Congratulations to Chad, who won the Verpets Logo Contest. Chad has been rewarded with 50,000 verpoints and a position on our staff team!
Wish Granted
 July 1, 2008
The magical wishing stone has decided to grant couture's wish today. couture has been granted the following item;

Tie Of Clubs

and along with Tie Of Clubs, couture has also received 72 Verpoints.
New Trivia
 June 30th, 2008
New Trivia Question: Who is our newest avatar artist? Prize: Book of Secrets and 500 verpoints! Go to the Trivia homepage.
Wish Granted
 June 30, 2008
The magical wishing stone has decided to grant breezybrat96's wish today. breezybrat96 has been granted the following item;

Basic Sword

and along with Basic Sword, breezybrat96 has also received 35 Verpoints.
Pet Colour Potions
 June 29th, 2008
Good news! The "Essence" potions now work on all pets! Enjoy
Wish Granted
 June 29, 2008
The magical wishing stone has decided to grant Dottylover's wish today. Dottylover has been granted the following item;

Peach Soft Serve

and along with Peach Soft Serve, Dottylover has also received 194 Verpoints.
New Flash Game!
 June 28th, 2008
We have yet another new flash game for you to play! It's called Word Totem - choose a category and guess the letters of the hidden word. Thanks goes out to Musette for making this game!
We've also released a few new items!

Yum! Hope you're all enjoying your weekend
Wish Granted
 June 28, 2008
The magical wishing stone has decided to grant Fudge's wish today. Fudge has been granted the following item;

Strawberry Pudding

and along with Strawberry Pudding, Fudge has also received 165 Verpoints.
New Releases!
 June 27th, 2008
Potion Shop - Now Open! You can now purchase a series of essence potions from the potions shop, which can be used to change the colour of your pet! Please note that these potions only work on some pet species. All other pet species will be added soon!

In addition to the Essence potions, you can also buy HP, Strength, Speed, and Defense potions! Each of these potions will increase one of your pet's stats.

New Pet Species - Aviatrin

"Aviatrins are excellent hunters. Their stripes can render them practically invisible in the tall grass. Even with their fierce looks, they are actually good singers, and would love to challenge you to a singing match."
New Trivia! Question: How often can you water your plants in the gardening area? Hint: Don't include "minutes," "hours," or "days." Only submit the number. Prize: 2500 verpoints and a Brown Seed! Proceed to the Trivia homepage. Update - Wish Stone Due to their rarity and high costs, you can no longer request referral items or potions from the Wish Stone. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Verpets Logo Contest Last reminder! The Verpets Logo Contest is ending on June 30th at 12:00AM. If you haven't submitted your logo yet, you can post it in the VERPETS LOGO CONTEST thread (Art board). The Veretteer - July Do you have a guide, poem, short story, comic or personal ad that you'd like to submit for the July edition of the Veretteer? Don't forget to post it on the Veretteer Submissions board!
Wish Granted
 June 27, 2008
The magical wishing stone has decided to grant jakdacrowe's wish today. jakdacrowe has been granted the following item;

Strawberry Pudding

and along with Strawberry Pudding, jakdacrowe has also received 317 Verpoints.