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Do you want to work with the talented team that produces the awesomest pet site on the net? See if your talents appeal to these particular jobs and submit an appplication today! (that's if your talents appeal to them... if not, don't...)
PHP Programmer
We're on the look out for talented PHP programmers to help create and update site features. Programmers should be amazing with PHP, intelligent and have an understanding of the process surrounding the programming they'll be working on - ie page design, HTML/CSS, javascript.
Programmers are expected to complete work within a reasonable time frame (ie 22.3 minutes) and be able to work with MySQL and learn quickly other, new PHP technologies and techniques.
Oh and... if you don't know what PHP is, chances are you shouldn't apply.
Contact Josey to apply.
Flash Programmer
The Verpets gamesroom contains a growing collection of flash games which our members play hundreds of times daily to earn VerPoints. We're looking for Flash Programmers to create games to be added to the gamesroom on a regular basis. You should have a strong understanding of Flash/Actionscript concepts and a creative mind!
We're especially interested in Flash Programmers with a knowledge of multiplayer gaming.
We're also willing to work with Flash Programmers on a 'per project' basis. If you have a game you think we'd like to put on site, come show it off!
Contact Josey to apply.
Verpets relies on its artists to keep it looking beautiful. Artists create the items, pets and characters which all combine to create the 'World of Verpets'. As an artist you'll need to be able to create art digitally (on the computer... we're not interested in scanned images) and save these images as transparent PNGs.
Contact Exile to apply.