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378) Submerge into the sea of sounds with this item that has an item rarity of 61. What item is this?

377) This NPC takes kind donations from users across the site to keep their magical fire going - previous donors have reported strange and unexplained consequences after doing so...What NPC is this? (Format your answer as The ...)

376) Oh my! It looks like you seriously annoyed this little girl when you bought out the candy store. She may look sweet, but she's clearly not happy! Who is this NPC?

375) This item with a rarity of 130 represents thunderous power and transformation. What item is this?

374) This NPC will reward you generously for bringing them particular items that are not found in the cold land where they live. Who is this NPC?

373) This item with a rarity of 41 that stocks in The Grocery Store looks strange, but tastes heavenly! What item is this?

372) This patriotic item is too cool for you, with a rarity of 85. Deal with it. What item is this?

371) This great, fiery bird only obeys those who are worthy enough to touch its great flames. Which item is this?

370) This magical NPC has some serious pork with you, and it does not help that you are the chosen one to defeat Overlord Porklechops...Fryconus Bacarus! Which NPC is this?

369) This item is incredibly colorful, and is considered to be a 'standard item of summer fun'. What item is this?

368) This item is a gift for the more 'sporty' dad - what item is this?

367) This item is a literal hot /dog/. From it's hotdog shaped ears all the way to it's ketchup tail! What item is this?

366) This book is rather expensive, but if it were mine I would put a leash around it and call it a pet! What book is this?

365) Just because he has a soft side doesn't mean he will go easy on you. Though he may offer you rewards, are you sure you have what it takes to handle this funny opponent? What opponent is this?

364) This egg is happy because this madness is almost over. Just look at that smile! What egg is this?

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