Brown Aviatrin

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367) This item is a literal hot /dog/. From it's hotdog shaped ears all the way to it's ketchup tail! What item is this?

366) This book is rather expensive, but if it were mine I would put a leash around it and call it a pet! What book is this?

365) Just because he has a soft side doesn't mean he will go easy on you. Though he may offer you rewards, are you sure you have what it takes to handle this funny opponent? What opponent is this?

364) This egg is happy because this madness is almost over. Just look at that smile! What egg is this?

363) Oh, this egg probably has seen better days...At least it gets the job of scaring people done! What egg is this?

362) For all those pets that cannot handle solid food - eat this item and beware! By itself, it does what normally would require 100 of it's lesser kind! What item is this?

361) This pie here on Verpets is made from a yellowish or brownish-green fruit, and is made specifically for the holidays! There also appears to be a little visitor in the center of this specific pie...What item is this?

360) In what year did the Viral Pet color get released? (ex. 2001, 2002, etc.)

359) Every year, this event on Verpets gives out free items for Christmas. what event is this?

358) This mech is always showing up around Thanksgiving to thwart everyones plan of making a good meal! It may be because he has a malfunction in his wiring...or it may be because you're trying to cook his living brethren! What coliseum opponent is this?

357) This coliseum opponent is a minion of Omur's, and is one of the oldest and most dangerous of all creatures on Verpets. Their speed and elusive nature makes them unpredictable and dangerous. what is this creature?

356) This spirit was one of four spirits released as coliseum opponents in Halloween past. It is considered the most pathetic of the spirits released, and seeks out to harm others. It's mouth looks big enough to sallow a unsuspecting victim whole! what coliseum opponent is this?

355) This item is a dorky imposter of another, more rare item. What is the name of this item?

354) Who is the besssst sssssnake NPC of them all?

353) I may be intended to scare. But I'm actually kind of cute. Many say I have a shocking resemblance to my verbie counterpart. Though Halloween is where you expect to find me, I'm actually present on another Holiday. What item am I?

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