Death Izret

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The Verpets lottery offers you the chance to win big!
Every week you may purchase as many lottery tickets as you like, each with six numbers between 1 and 20 on it.
Tickets cost 500 VerPoints each.
On Mondays the lottery is drawn and you can win a proportion of the Jackpot prize depending on how many numbers you match.
The current prize pot is 77,525 VerPoints.
Matching all six numbers will net you 5/8th of the pot - 48,454 VerPoints.
Matching five numbers will net you 2/8th of the pot - 19,382 VerPoints.
Matching four numbers will net you 1/8th of the pot - 9,691 VerPoints.
All prizes are shared amongst the number of users in the winning bracket.
Unclaimed prize brackets roll over and add to the next weeks prize pot.
Ready to buy a ticket?! Pick 6 numbers between 1 and 20 and cross your fingers!


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