Totem Oplei

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How to Play
Click the "Spin the Reels" button to begin.

Look at the fruits in the middle row.

You will win a Verpoints prize if you get either three or four fruits in a row consecutively.

Your Verpoints prize will be higher if you have four fruits in a row.

If you get four golden apples in a row, you win the jackpot!

As you spin, fruits in the middle may be highlighted by a green square and display a bonus number.
Randomly, this bonus number will roll over to your next spin.

If the bonus bar fills up to eight, you win a random prize.

Also randomly, you will be given the option to hold reels.

Holding a fruit ensures they stay where they are on your next spin.

So if you have two strawberries in a row, you can hold them in hopes of getting three, or four in a row!
Possible Wins
Three Cherries! - 120 VP
Three Lemons! - 240 VP
Three Kiwis! - 360 VP
Three Strawberries! - 480 VP
Three Plums! - 600 VP
Three Peaches! - 720 VP
Three Mangos! - 840 VP
Three Bananas! - 960 VP
Three Pears! - 1,080 VP
Three Golden Apples! - 1,200 VP
Four Cherries! - 1,320 VP
Four Lemons! - 1,440 VP
Four Kiwis! - 1,560 VP
Four Strawberries! - 1,680 VP
Four Plums! - 1,800 VP
Four Peaches! - 1,920 VP
Four Mangos! - 2,040 VP
Four Bananas! - 2,160 VP
Four Pears! - 2,280 VP
Four Golden Apples! - Jackpot!