Totem Remudi

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Just like the classic game of "Ping-Pong". Use the arrow keys to move the bone and block the ball. Make your opponent miss and receive a point! The more points you receive the higher payout!
Bonus Items
Everytime you send your score, you'll be in with a chance of winning one of these cool items which can only be obtained from playing Verpaddles!
Modern Verpaddles Bone Chewtoy Primitive Verpaddles
High Scores
Checkout these flash game top scores for Verpaddles. It's well worth trying to maintain a monthly top score to receive bonus VerPoints and profile badges! We also keep a record of the highest scores ever recorded for prestige and bragging rights.
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Sin 6
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Velniava 212
Zelfore 200
Spazzie 131
velosaur 122
Dracula 104
geckogirl4 70
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