Viral Rozator

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Help protect Bobo's beloved banana tree from the Banana-root Snails. Pelt the nuisance snails with a coconut by the click of your mouse. Just be careful to not let those snails get to close to your bananas, because who knows what will happen then?!
Bonus Items
Everytime you send your score, you'll be in with a chance of winning one of these cool items which can only be obtained from playing Hit The Snails!
Coconut Ball Bobo Plushie Wind-Up Snail
High Scores
Checkout these flash game top scores for Hit The Snails. It's well worth trying to maintain a monthly top score to receive bonus VerPoints and profile badges! We also keep a record of the highest scores ever recorded for prestige and bragging rights.
This Month
Sin 900
MarchHare 600
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All Time
Youko 5,400
LiRaMoO_ 5,100
Vulpix 5,000
beanso 5,000
Judona 5,000
Zelfore 4,900
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