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Use your mouse to position the Peesh to jump from cloud to cloud all the way up into the sky. Fall off and the game will end, otherwise carry on up and win !
Bonus Items
Everytime you send your score, you'll be in with a chance of winning one of these cool items which can only be obtained from playing Cotton Clouds!
Cotton Cloud Pillow Cotton Clouds Blanket Sleepy Peesh Plush
High Scores
Checkout these flash game top scores for Cotton Clouds. It's well worth trying to maintain a monthly top score to receive bonus VerPoints and profile badges! We also keep a record of the highest scores ever recorded for prestige and bragging rights.
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Zelfore 57,120
Naimeo 55,355
marcinek 55,065
Tarina 54,750
fuzzflight 54,635
Ravette 54,420
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