Easter Berpunny

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Direct your ball towards the spinning point spots on the game board. During the game blue and red balls will spawn randomly. Touching a ball of an opposite colour to your ball will end the game. You can switch the colour of your ball by hitting space at any time.
Bonus Items
Everytime you send your score, you'll be in with a chance of winning one of these cool items which can only be obtained from playing Adapt!
Adapt Marker Cookies Bag of Red and Blue Marbles
High Scores
Checkout these flash game top scores for Adapt. It's well worth trying to maintain a monthly top score to receive bonus VerPoints and profile badges! We also keep a record of the highest scores ever recorded for prestige and bragging rights.
This Month
Sin 2,824
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Dark 27,235
Conor 26,968
BBChild 26,098
Garuste 23,768
Mizia97 23,110
Flames 22,804
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