Viral Cephalin

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Jourdan's Weapons Collection
 99 / 497 weapons collected so far!
Hixoleans Custom Blade The Heart Pendant Tribal Arm Bands Studded Shield Le Saur Gun
Shard Dagger Malevolent Mantis Bag of Dirty Verpoints Furry Shield Fire Shield
Ozilette Stone Shield Drach Dagger Dark Battle Axe Royal Knights Shield Antorg Shield
Viral Baseball Bat Wind Dagger Gold Baseball Bat Dangerous Deck Metal Baseball Bat
Basic Sword Pink Grenade Vine Whip Divine Baseball Bat Balkane Fighting Gloves
Cobrataur Staff Sabre-Toothed Felione Fang Dagger White Magic Scroll Vampire Stake Geonlian Hair
Ice Pendant Candy Cane Staff Yellow Grenade Santa Hat Cannon Crude Spear
Blue Grenade Matrix Canon Rainbow Whip Bubble Wand Snowflake Shuriken
Nightflower Sword Aqua Whip Party Popper Hand Cannon Proxy Orb Zashkas Shield
King of Clubs Dagger Blessed Eye Charm Small Orb of Waterfalls Dagger of Divinity Aqua Hook Knife
The Bacannon Dirty Dealers Vest Flaming Spatula Brass Knuckles Old Verpop Bottle
Death Chakram Basic Ninja Stars Sunburst Halberd Izret Crystal Sword Luck Staff
Raging Rhino Beetle Fresh Dung Ferocious Fire Ant Ice Bow Possessed Volleyball
Shamrock Rapier Basic Battle Axe Wind Bow Sclur Khopesh
Icicle Dagger Rabid Moth Furry Sword Haunted Bark Shield Peppermint Bow And Arrow
Bauble Grenade Ancient Cursed Axe Lavender Snowflake Wand Candy Cane Bomb Grenade
Red Bauble Bomb Sweet Metal Mask Watermelon Shield Jagged Stalagmite Gingerbread Shield
Green Data Shield Zodiac Tooth Bloody Ice Dagger Selenes Crystal Orb Jagged Stalactite
Shell Shield Star Pendant Five Point Dagger Good Fortune Dagger Conductor Sword
Sharp Rocks Stone Dagger Possessed Plushie Acorn Slingshot