Red Rascallet

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Welcome to the Clothing Collection. The object of the game is to collect as many of the clothes in Verpets as possible!
The more you collect, the higher up the high score list you'll climb and the higher proportion of the total available clothes to collect you'll find yourself with.
Every Thursday, users who have 80-90% (bronze), 90-99% (silver) or 99%+ (gold) of the total number of possible clothes to collect are awarded badges and bonus VerPoints! However, to keep your badge each week you have to maintain the status of your collection - if you slip down the proportion of clothes you have collected, you may well slip down a badge level or lose it completely!
Everytime you put a new item of clothing in your collection, you're in with a chance to receive a Collection Completing Token which can be used at the Collection Completer to add a random item to any of your collections without costing you a single VerPoint!