Pink Muffalo

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The Verpets games room is here for your entertainment and point earning pleasure! Here you will find flash games, card games, luck games as well as challenges and collections for you to take part in. Earn points to spend and badges for your profile.
Flash Games
Keep the ball going - if your opponent misses you earn a point!
Neverending Blimp Battle
Shoot down those evil zombie birds before they can harm you!
Can Hunter
Shoot down as many cans as you can!
Cave Dash
Fly the Charow through the caves and collect gems!
Blast those ghosts away from your Verpoint prize!
Boing! Don't let that ball hit the ground!
Fruit Basket
Catch as many apples as you can while avoiding the Possessed Juiceboxes!
Space Guardian
The aliens are coming! Act fast to protect your planet.
Quick! Move fast to maneuver Jeff through the moving platform maze!
Matching Madness
Race against the clock to match all of the cards!
Balloon Season
Help Pilot Billy pop all of the balloons!
Hit The Snails
Eeew! Look at those creepy things.
Catchin' Coins
Knock the coins out of the sky and try to catch them in your basket!
Turret Defender
Defend your underwater turret from vicious little fishes attack from every angle!
Chase the points, dodge the balls, switch your colour.
Orb Zapper
Orbs are falling from the sky. Zap zap zap them in this mouse/keyboard co ordination game!
Asteroid Field
Steer your asteroid clear of the rest as you guide your way towards Earth!
Shoot Out
Race against the clock to shoot the targets.
Letter Pop
Test your typing skills in this fast paced game.
Burst'n Bubbles
A classic bubble pop game - help Izrat keep his gloomy home safe from the happy bubbles closing in on his home!
Cotton Clouds
Hop from cloud to cloud to rack up a high score.
Luck Games
Pick A Number
Picking a number, winning Verpoints - this game couldn't get much easier!
Mystery Hole
Just click on a hole and see what's inside!
Crack The Code
Crack open the safe by guessing the correct number combo and win the ever increasing jackpot!
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Rock, Paper, Scissors... SHOOT! Wager your points and beat a fellow Ver user.
Spin For Combs
Select your combs and wager 50 VerPoints on spinning them to the same colors.
Random Verpoints
This game is simple. Click the button and huzzah! - Verpoints!
Thorntin's Tombola
Spin the machine and get a ticket!
Select 6 numbers, buy a ticket and cross your fingers! Oh and then buy another and ad infinitum.
Scratch away to reveal three of a kind and then claim your prize.
Double Or Nothing
Gambling... so tempting. Will you have the willpower to walk when you're winning?
Fruit Machine
Can you get Four Golden Apples to win the Jackpot?
Card Games
Higher or Lower
Correctly guess the high or lowness of your sequence of cards to win!
Klondike Solitaire
Earn VerPoints solving the classic game of Klondike Solitaire.
Challenges & Collections
Unscramble The Items
Start up your noggin and get thinking! Unscramble these terms to win prizes.
Zerilia's Expeditions
Fetch Zerilia an item and get a fabulous reward. She only pays in pure VerPoints !
VerPets Trivia
Answer the question correctly and win the shown prize and Verpoints.
Ocean Collection
If you find something shiny scuba diving at the beach, pop it in here.
Plushie Collection
Collect as many plushies as you can!
Egg Basket
Fill up your Egg Basket with the eggs found all around the site over Easter!
Fill each row, square and column with nine unique items and you could win them all!
Cuisine Collection
Can you collect all the foods on Verpets? Badges and points await you!
Clothing Collection
Flaunt your wardrobe, collect the badge and earn VerPoints!
Book Shelf
Stack your book shelf with verliterature!
Weapon Collection
Show off your might and power in this collection of weaponry.
Collect and show off your gardening equipment and accomplishements in your Greenhouse.
Flag Collection
Collect as many flags as you can!
Verbie Collection
Collect as many Verbies as possible to drive your pets mad!