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Hello Verpets, long time no see. I used to come here a lot, but then life happened, and the interest only comes and goes. As I stop in every now and then I can't help but feel, even in long absences, that the site has become static. I cannot find any big changes that I've missed in the few years I've been gone. It also seems the community has shrank quite a bit.

So that leads me into my question fellow reader; why are you still here? What draws you in? What are some reasons to stick around?

I'm honestly just curious, not trying to sound snotty. I invested a lot of time and money into the site honestly.
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Mostly, I still come on to do my dailies, since I find them to be relaxing. I enjoy my collection of characters (fan and original) on here, too. One of the main reasons I preferred Ver to other places was that the RP community seemed more active and easier to find people, but, not so much now... I think I have only one RP that's survived. Which is a little sad, but what can you do? XD

On the other site I play, it's so much bigger, and despite even being on staff, I still go "where in the world was this place/feature again..." at times. XD; The smaller community on here is definitely nice to come back to, and I hope that with Halloween and Christmas coming up, some nice events will happen and life comes back into Ver.

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I'm around because I very much like Ver's features.
It is a small community, and a fairly quiet one of late, but there's still a lot of people on Ver that I've made good friends with over the 6+ years of hanging around.

Ver's gardening system cannot be beat. I love it. (Stay off my lawn you peoples!)
We have a fair coliseum and restocking here is pretty straight forward. (I do think the shops could use some balancing but are otherwise okay.)

Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
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I'm here, but just barely. Not sure why to be entirely honest. I guess I just still love my pets and have some sort of hope that the site will come back.

Made some good friends along the way even though we've lost touch over the numerous years.

Although I can't say that I'm surprised the site has declined.. It hasn't been quite as up to date in recent years. :(

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Hmm...I'm still attached to the site somehow. I think it's because of the pets and pretty art. A good number of my characters "live" here too.

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Nostalgia. I feel like I've been moving on recently, but this site still holds good memories for me and I can't just quit because of that.

Plus the events.
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I'm honestly so glad it's still here. I'd love to see it make a comeback some day <3
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I've found myself no longer logging in as frequently as I used to, and have even taken several months/years long breaks because of life junk. D: Miss the friends I've made and people I've talked to over the years. Makes me sad.

What keeps me coming back though: any message rps that are still somewhat active, and my dear pets and fan-pets. I've yet to finish all of their profiles, even the ones who've got coding and character information. I still feel as though they're unfinished.

And with the recent loss of my dear cat, Abe, I've come to adore my black Ozilette (named in honor of my real baby of course~) that much more. I can't just abandon him and all the rest of my pets. We've all put too much time into them to just leave them. TnT

Plus, there's just something about the people here, and how quiet it's gotten that makes it more relaxing in a way? If that makes sense. D: Not that I want Ver to stay little forever. I want it active again, just like everyone else, and like you all, I also have hope that it'll make a comeback~
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I've been on Ver since I was about 11 or 12 years old. I'm 18 years old now going on 19 in a couple months, and I can't seem to break apart from this site. I always wanted a small community to go to when I needed an escape, and Ver was there, and it still is. I've made friends who I've unfortunately lost touch to, and it makes me sad, but I still like the fact that I see people who I've never talked to still here all these years.

I logged on this website like, everyday when I was younger. Ver was here when I learned life lessons and learned about myself growing up. My friend's always made fun of me for still being here, but, it's just a comfort zone for me. Whenever I was sad, in tears, going through something, I always came here and instantly felt comfort.

All I do on Ver nowadays is roleplay. I first learned what it was to roleplay and create characters here. I discovered my love for writing, and my love for drawing was encouraged here too, and now I'm in Art school. Still on Ver. Kinda crazy.

And is it just me, or does anyone else love looking back on all their old vercomms, forums, and things like that? It's always a fun thing to do to remanence on the way things used to be. I hope Ver makes a comeback too! But even if it doesn't, I'll probably still be here. xD
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I'm thinking I want to get back into this place. But I was hoping to see it more active than it was before, only to find it less active. I love my pets on heres though! I put so much effort into them and I'll be lurking around seeing if its worth it to be around still.
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